Radio Aparecida: the Radio of Our Lady

The history of Radio Aparecida begun in 1935, when Redemptorist Missionaries noticed the importance of the radio as communication vehicle to the pastoral service. The idea was developed until the broadcasting station was created on September 8, 1951, with the aim of announcing Christ Gospel through radio waves.

Since the beginning, Radio Aparecida offered a Christian programming, with quality music, information and services rendered with truth and responsibility.

With daily broadcasting through three distinct waves (AM, SW and FM), Radio Aparecida has a solid history in its purpose of being a competent, profession and reliable broadcasting station, ensuring a quality programming to listeners.

Education and information are the two pillars that support Radio Aparecida programs, a radio connected with religious events in the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Conception Aparecida.

Club of Partners

The broadcasting station is supported by its countless listeners who, involved in the ideal of communication, have become representatives and partners of the Club of Partners, a project started on September 7, 1955.

The Club of Partners purpose is to increasingly gather more people to collaborate in Radio Aparecida maintenance and its chief objective: evangelize Brazil.

Priest Vítor Coelho de Almeida has become the great icon of the Club of Partners, creating the sentence that until today motivates partners and representatives: “Those who help preaching have merits of a preacher”.

Radio pop (909 FM)

Radio Pop is young, eclectic and tuned in, its style goes from pop to country, pleasing all age groups. It counts on a team of announcers acknowledged by their powerful voices and their interaction with Vale do Paraíba audience, besides great promotions, always surprising. Radio Pop is part of REDE APARECIDA DE COMUNICAÇÃO group, along with Radio Aparecida, TV Aparecida and



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